Monthly Archives: May 2013

So what does the future of IT spending look like?

Image representing cloud and managed hosting.For one thing, IT budgets have increased 15% year-over-year from 2011, with the average budget standing at around $152,000. Though hiring is planned to hover around 2011 rates, a large majority of IT budgets will be earmarked for tablet devices and other types of hardware (mostly desktops and laptops). A larger push towards mobile devices suggests that cloud-based services will be on the rise over the next few years, since web apps have increasingly simplified business processes and made it possible to run a company from virtually anywhere.

But hardware isn’t the only focus for SMBs. 17% of surveyors planned to purchase cloud-based data backup within the next 6 months, making it the top priority for cloud-based software purchases.

Another interesting takeaway from the survey were the divided views on the current BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend that’s becoming more and more popular as employees use mobile devices at the office. Even though 75% of SMBs help their employees with their mobile devices—namely iPads and iPhones—25% of SMB IT departments say it’s a headache to deal with.

According to Jay Hallberg, VP of Marketing for Spiceworks, “Data from this survey confirms that the consumerization of IT is flourishing among SMBs, although opinions vary as to how to manage its impact on organizations. SMBs are spending more on technology across the board, from hardware and devices to cloud services and virtualization. This bodes well for technology vendors serving the SMB market in 2012.”

As new technological advancements improve the way we work, businesses will continue to spend money on technologies that can simplify their businesses and help cut costs. This is great news for IT companies that stay abreast of developing tech and understand how the burgeoning cloud service market will benefit their clients. If you haven’t gotten familiar with the cloud yet, now is the time to do so.