Big Data Already Used By Your Competitor

Ashburn takes a lot of pressure when it comes to big data. We have 70% of the world’s Internet traffic. Every day, 48 petabytes of WalMart’s data goes whizzing by. And, it is home to more than 5 million square feet of data center space… some of it belonging to Amazon.
Image representing Inteishift colocation in Ashburn VA

In fact, Amazon is only one of the big guys that moved in. Google and Facebook are here too. It makes me wonder if they participated in the Capgemini survey, which says, “Over half expect to face increased competition from start-ups enabled by data.” Ouch.

The “Nudgers” Win With Accuracy, Relevancy, and Communication

In Capgemini’s survey, Big & Fast Data: The Rise of Insight-Driven Business, says that nearly a third expect new companies will nudge in from competing industries as they reinterpret and adjust to big data. It is a matter of the accuracy, relevancy, and communication. Without those three key ingredients, your big data initiative won’t reap the competitive advantage you seek.

Real Power In Being The Underdog

If you look at it from a competitive standpoint, being the underdog has some real power. Small to medium sized businesses have the energy to pull on big data that they didn’t have 10-20 years ago. More importantly, you have data center service providers who can help you build datacenters the way Amazon, Google, and Facebook did. You’ll do business faster and at a colocation wholesale price that you can pay. Combined, it’s all you need to compete in an environment that constantly changes.

Top 11 Checklist Makes It Easy

Intelishift’s Data Center Top 11 Checklist will help make your data center questions easy. It gives the items you should ask every vendor to get a clear picture of what they can actually do for you. And, if you’re looking in Ashburn, Richmond, Chicago, Milwaukee, Austin, Phoenix, and Sacramento, we would be pleased to give you a tour. You might be surprised by how Intelishift gives more power to boost your competitive advantage today… and in the future.

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