Cyber Attack On BlueCross BlueShield…Again


CareFirst BlueShield (BC/BS) is on the warpath with hackers again. Only 2 months after 11 million records were stolen, someone breached 1.1 million records of current and former enrollees again. The cyber attackers got away with names, birth dates, email addresses and subscriber info, but not Social Security numbers. What’s more, BC/BS found out that they have been on the radar since at least December 2013. That’s bad business for someone in the health care space.

The question is… what do they do about cyber security? Obviously the path they have chosen is not enough.

4% Of Cyber Spending Goes To Security

If I were BC/BS, I might take some of DARKReading’s theories about cybersecurity into account. Apparently, only 4% of cyber spending is related to this area. Clearly, that doesn’t do anything for businesses big or small. Cyber security is a growing game, and the hackers will win unless we do something about it.

Best Cyber Security Practices

Jeff Williams, the author of Why We Can’t Afford To Give Up On Cybersecurity Defense, offers up some tangible advice:

1.     Provide developers with standard application defenses.

2.     Verify that defenses are right.

3.     Check applications are using defenses appropriately.

4.     Provide training and support.

BC/BS needs to take note of these simple measures if they are going the stop the security breach.

Operating In A Data Center For Small To Medium Businesses

Where are you in all of this? Chances are you need invest more assets in cybersecurity.  Intelishift Technologies is willing to provide the colocation and data center pricing that lets small to medium sized operate in this environment. We proudly offer colocation in Ashburn, Richmond, Austin, Phoenix, Milwaukee, and Sacramento.