How Many Datacenters In The US?

Image of US with overlay of American flag representing total number of datacenters in the USIt’s a bit of an odd question, but I’m sure some people out there are wondering just how many data centers there are in the United States. According to there are a total of 4512 centers across the country with California holding the most at 375. Texas is not even a close second with 251, and Virginia weighs in with 144 datacenter sites. However, the number of datacenters in each of these locations does not entirely mean that they are the safest.

Based off of information collected from, there are speculations on the amount of safety that can be found in California. Big booms happen a lot in California, and by booms I mean earthquakes. In fact, that is why we chose Sacramento, California as one of our locations.  (See our Featured Locations page  to read about why Sacramento is a good option for the Silicon Valley).

In Texas, there are funnels of wind and terror known as tornados that like to tear up everything, and I do mean everything, in their path. Now in Virginia, where we have some of our largest operations (Ashburn also known as Data Center Alley), things are much quieter.  Although an ice storm could cause difficulty in getting to the datacenter a few times a year.  And that is just plain aggravating.

Wondering where the “safest” location is? claims that good ole Las Vegas, Nevada. Viva Las Vegas!

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