Tech Infrastructure Is in Our Blood

System reliability, security, and trust begin with the people who keep your mission-critical equipment up and running. We’re wholly committed to providing the best colo, solution design, ramp, and ongoing support to help your company function (and grow) at its best.

Lots of people say they’re passionate. We’re obsessed. Each member of the team has a big geeky streak, tons of experience, and skewed worldview that enables us to help customers adapt to changes caused by rapid technological transformation. Colo with us and you’ll get best-in-class as it evolves. That’s why we say Intelishift is where Darwin meets Moore.

Meet the Team

kbaumann-1Kurt Baumann
Rebel by Design

People tend to know me as a serial entrepreneur. Most of my success has come from looking at the world differently from everyone else because I “see” how trends will converge long before other people do. Talk about a double-edged sword! Market timing is a big part of relevance, and learning to pace my ideas with market readiness has been a challenge. It’s also the root of life’s most important lesson: Honesty. <–more–>

dhemmert-1Donna Hemmert
Resourceful, Creative Entrepreneurship

I love the positive nature of entrepreneurial companies. I’ve been a high tech executive for about 20 years now, ranging from the big guys like Netscape and PSINet to a number of my own startups. The startup experience has made me really, really resourceful… and creative. A casual environment and the ability to roll up my sleeves and work collaboratively with teams of really cool people to solve big problems makes work fun and meaningful. <–more–>

vinny-1Michael “Vinny” Velotta
Master Tinkerer & Knowledge Junkie

I am what you would call a “geek’s geek.” I love to tinker and feel compelled to pull things apart to understand how they work… and then make them better. My not-so-secret talent? Figuring out how seemingly disparate technologies fit together to do things that no one has ever thought of before. <–more–>

0b44e1aRyan Barbera
Constantly Exploring The New Frontier

I am probably the most “unsalesy” sales person you’ve ever met. I don’t like being sold, so I don’t do a hard sell to other people. What I care about is helping you figure out the best solution for your business. It’s as much about combining the latest industry developments with tech-forward design as it is about understanding where you’re coming from. I begin every business relationship with a friendly, down-to-earth conversation that gets to the heart of your interests. <–more–>