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Intelishift Technologies Participates in World IPv6 Day

On Wednesday June 8, 2011 Intelishift and other major technology companies, including Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft will join a 24-hour test flight of the next generation Internet protocol for World IPv6 Day. The transition to IPv6 marks the beginning of the end for more than 30 years of the current 32-bit IP addresses. Now that […]

BlogSpot Highlight: The new world of datacenters

Ok, so datacenters have been around since the beginning. They originally found their homes in Universities and the basements of geeks and slowly made their way to likes of UUNET, AOL and AT&T. In the old days the major concern was the availability of bandwidth. Server rooms were unreliable and the cost for your internet […]

Unleashed Technologies selects Intelishift Technologies
for Enterprise Datacenter Roll-Out

Unleashed Technologies has selected Intelishift Technologies in Ashburn, VA to be home to its newly architected open-source performance hosting environment. Unleashed Technologies, LLC an enterprise web firm, well known as definitive experts on content management, e-commerce, and custom development platforms utilizing open-source technologies made the selection after a rigorous vetting process. “Our world is comprised […]