Intelishift Opens West Coast Datacenters

Intelishift Technologies, a wholesale datacenter company, already with a large footprint in Ashburn, Virginia, has announced major growth initiatives for 2012. This includes expansion into the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California markets.

As part of this growth, Intelishift has signed a lease agreement with premier network provider, Hurricane Electric, to offer their Tier III datacenter services as part of the company’s wholesale portfolio of services. This move also adds additional redundancy to Intelishift’s East Coast operations.

As part of this move, Intelishift will also allow clients to leverage a series of new services including, geographical redundancy, geographic load balancing services, expanded telecom services and multi-site storage solutions. These services add to Intelishift’s already expansive service offerings including full cloud computing offerings as well as colocation and managed hosting.

“We felt that the timing was right and the market was demanding a solutions provider that can offer enterprise services at small-medium business size pricing,” President Ryan Barbera stated. “Additionally, we know that datacenter services, like so many things today, are no longer regional and our clients demand the ability to leverage our network everywhere.”

Intelishift has also started the process of expanding into the Southern California with their announced move into Southern California. Expanding their existing partnership with Latisys, Intelishift has announced that they will be working to take a large amount of power and space to make available to clients in that facility as well.

“When looking at our goal of being one of the first true national datacenter wholesale colocation and managed hosting firms, there was no choice but to expand both east and west coast datacenters.”

While the timeline for the official launch in Southern California has not been announced, Intelishift is currently offering wholesale services in all three markets (Ashburn, Virginia, Fremont, California and Irvine, California).