Intelishift Expands Virginia Datacenter by 200%

Intelishift Technologies has announced that they have significantly expanded the company’s Ashburn, Virginia datacenter presence by over 200%. Already a major provider for wholesale datacenter services in the Greater Washington DC area, this increase will provide substantially more space for the company for Tier III+ datacenter space.

The move comes only 8 months after the original announcement of the firm that they had started leasing datacenter space at several locations around the area.

“The time is now – there is definitely a need for wholesale, high-density power and space,” stated Michael Velotta, Chairman of Intelishift, “we knew that we had a model that we could make successful given the right market conditions. The economy is requiring that companies look at the expenses of IT infrastructure more carefully. By offering wholesale power and bandwidth, and much larger secure cabinets, Intelishift reduces IT expenses.”

“Our goal is to be the best national wholesale datacenter firm in the area and to help give clients access to space and services at prices they would not otherwise be able to get. The more space we lease, the better it is for our customers. Many of these customers are still paying prices from 3 or 4 years ago. The datacenter and hosting market has changed and we are here to help our clients make the most of those changes and save them money.” Stated President Ryan Barbera, “this move will help us ensure for many years to come that we will not only be able to offer the best solution but one of the most price competitive.”

The expanded growth also includes additional datacenter locations making Intelishift one of the few providers able to offer only carrier neutral facilities at multiple locations. In addition the company has also expanded its partnership with existing partners to offer onsite IP services.

Additional expansion is expected in late 2012.