Reliability In Software Key To Success

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Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves, particularly when it comes to software development. We spend so much time thinking of the apps we will put on our systems, our phones, and our tablets that we forget about how they fit together in the bigger plan. Sometimes we create our own applications because it doesn’t exist yet.

As a data center services provider, Intelishift Technologies thinks that what you’re doing to keep your business secure plays to long-term success. Sometimes that means taking a step back to looking at reliability in software development.

Open-Source Software

Whenever you decide to go with a 3rd party provider, you give in to their software design. How much do you think of their reliability?

If your developers don’t have confidence in their tools, than chances are that reliability goes out the window with the people the pay to keep your systems secure. They need to be validating the risks they see in open source software to keep your systems up and running. Would you operate your car without wearing a seat belt? Software is the same way.

Coding Right Beats Fixing Later

Better coding starts with thinking about quality and security before you code you software. Some companies just don’t understand that part, and that’s why security is still an issue. Code right from the start and you’ll have less problems along the way.

Compete Reliably With Wholesale Pricing

Intelishift Technologies knows that colocation services relies on wholesale prices and competitive services for small and medium sized companies if you’re going to compete effectively in today’s environment. Take a data center services tour in Ashburn, Richmond, Chicago, Milwaukee, Austin, Phoenix, and Sacramento. You’ll be glad you did!