Image depicting creativity of Intelishift team.Transforming Data Center Service Design

We’re obsessed with well-conceived design related to products, services, and processes. Let’s face it, design makes or breaks every human experience. Once you’re up and running, great design enables you to forget about infrastructure companies like ours and focus on your business while we keep you powered up.

In part, our attitude stems from having dealt with too many infrastructure companies and utilities that care more about getting their fees than making sure their customers have reliable, cost-effective services. In part, it’s also because we always eat our own dog food. Your systems will receive the same care we give our own.

Keeping Pace with Change

There’s a lot be said for the effect Digital Darwinism has on long-term prospects. The data centers of today have one thing in common with those of 10 years ago. They’re big buildings. The technology inside is completely different. Thanks to Moore, we know that five years from now, data centers will be wholly transformed again.

As geeks, we stay on the forefront of what’s happening with emerging technologies, put together things that have never been tried before, and then thoroughly test it on ourselves before we introduce new solutions to you. Our obsession with design and excellence enables your company to adapt and thrive in an otherwise chaotic business climate.

Power Pricing—Only at Intelishift

Because we dare to do things differently, you benefit from our very simple pricing structure. We’ll take the time to understand your business needs, plans to ramp, and then set you up in a manner that seamlessly supports your growth. Once you’re up and running, you pay for power used. It’s that simple.